Chloe and Tom - Making history one adventure at a time

All About
Chloe and Tom

Meet Chloe and Tom, two very ordinary children who live with Mom and Dad in a little house, on a quiet road in a small village somewhere in England.

Tom is ten years old and likes playing football with his friends and spending far too much time staring into his smart phone or playing computer games. One day he would like to be an internationally famous star of social media. But for now he is happy to dream of how he will spend his millions. And he hates sprouts.

Chloe and Tom
Chloe is Tom’s younger sister. She is eight years old and very artistic. She loves unicorns and mermaids and imagining the wonderful adventures that they could have together. One day she would like a unicorn of her own, but for now she would be happy with a horse or pony. Or anything really.

So, just two ordinary children, living normal, ordinary lives. Well, sort of.

Did I mention that they can travel back through time? No? Well, it is true and that is when their ordinary lives turn into extraordinary adventures.

You see, they have discovered that many old, fascinating buildings have secret time portals that allow children like them to travel back through time and actually take part in history themselves! And the secret to these amazing, magical journeys? Well, that is where the mystery deepens. They don’t fully understand what happens, but a strange hooded monk-like figure appears that only they can see. He does not introduce himself or say anything at all. He just freezes time and opens a door to times gone by. Once Chloe and Tom pass through, they journey back in time and their next adventure begins!

Is he a ghost or a guardian of time itself? Nobody seems to know. One thing is for sure; he allows Chloe and Tom to have the most exciting adventures imaginable!

So, now you have met Chloe and Tom. Two very ordinary, time travelling children!!