Chloe and Tom - Making history one adventure at a time
Sean Ivory

All About
Sean Ivory

Since my earliest memories, reading has been a source of great comfort to me. As a child it allowed me to enter whichever world I desired, to be a distant observer or to immerse myself fully into the action. For me, reading is more compelling and exciting than watching a movie. Why? Because you get to be the director of your own film. The scenes that you imagine as you read a book are unique to you, making your experience of reading any book your own personal adventure.

This love of reading eventually blossomed into a love of writing which has been a passion of mine for some years now. I have written short stories and novels for both children and adults. When not writing I enjoy spending time with my family, walking and watching cricket and rugby.

Chloe and Tom walked into my head one day when visiting a National Trust property with my family, near my home in Birmingham, England. I was truly fascinated by the wealth of history that we have at our fingertips and figured that Chloe and Tom could help to show us these wonderful national treasures.

I believe that the best books have three main attributes:
  • They are exciting. 
  • They teach you something new. 
  • They leave you wanting to read more. 
The Chloe and Tom books are written and illustrated with these aims. I hope you enjoy the journey.