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Gerard Smyth

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Gerard Smyth

My interest in illustration comes from a childhood reading loads of comics; everything from Dennis the Menace to Judge Dredd; Roger the Dodger to Roger Melly. Like most kids I also loved Hanna Barbera cartoons, Tom & Jerry, Road Runner and anything else I could get my eyes on. 

This interest led me to Art College followed by 30 years as a Graphic Designer. During this time I have produced cartoons, illustrations (from cereal packaging to children’s books) and explanatory diagrams to help simplify complex ideas or to simply lighten up otherwise text heavy publications.

I have recently relocated from the West Midlands to Mumbles at the edge of the Gower peninsula in South Wales where the coastal paths, cliffs and beaches are not only an inspiration for some of my work but at times a beautiful diversion. Outside of work I am a keen swimmer and also volunteer for the RNLI.