Chloe and Tom and The Conspirator of Coughton Court
Chloe and Tom and The Conspirator of Coughton Court

Timeline – November 1605.

A fascinating house in the Warwickshire countryside holds an intriguing secret.

When Chloe and Tom Bradshaw visit Coughton Court with Mom and Dad for a day of fun, they have absolutely no idea of the adventure that awaits them.

Meeting a strange, hooded figure, they pass through a portal in time that catapults them back centuries to the time of the gunpowder plot; where traitors to the English crown plan to kill the king and kidnap a young princess.

Meeting one of the conspirators, they uncover the dreadful plot and do all within their power to stop it.

But what can they do? How can two small children help to foil one of the most infamous plots in British history?

If only they could get word to the king...

Sir Everard Digby

Knight of the realm and friend of Robert Catesby, leader of the gunpowder plot. Rents Coughton Court as his base for a secret act of treachery.

Anne Vaux

Daughter of Baron Vaux of Harrowden. A resident of nearby Baddesley Clinton who stays at Coughton with her sister Eleanor Brooksby. A recusant catholic and cousin of Francis Tresham, one of the gunpowder plotters.

Father Garnet

Jesuit priest and friend of Anne Vaux. Suspicious of Digby’s motives for staying at Coughton and believes he cannot be trusted.

Princess Elizabeth Stuart

Daughter of King James I and future Queen of Bohemia. Visits Coughton with her friend Lucia and her protectors Lord and Lady Harrington.
Chloe and Tom and The Conspirator of Coughton Court