Chloe and Tom and The Preserver of Moseley Old Hall
Chloe and Tom and The Preserver of Moseley Old Hall

Timeline – November 1651.

Old houses are dull.

Fact. That’s the opinion of Tom Bradshaw, a boy whose life revolves around computer games and smart phones.

So when Dad suggests a family visit to Moseley Old Hall, a historic house in the Staffordshire countryside, Tom prepares himself for the most boring day ever.

But things are not always as they seem.

During the visit a mysterious figure appears, opening a portal in time, inviting Tom and his sister Chloe to walk back through the pages of history to a period when the house was one of the most important in England.

Meeting new people and making unusual friends, they become involved in a secret plot and must help change the course of history itself to protect the future of the British monarchy.

Boring will never be the same again.

Thomas Whitgreave

Catholic owner of Moseley Old Hall and a staunch  royalist. Fought for King Charles I during the English civil war and was injured at the Battle of Naseby.

Charles Stuart

(Future King Charles II)

The son of King Charles I who fled to France with his mother when his father was beheaded following the English Civil War. Seeks revenge against Oliver Cromwell and the parliamentarians who defeated his father.

Father John Huddleston

Family priest and school tutor to the Whitgreaves. Secretly administers catholic church services in the hidden family chapel. Teaches classics to local wealthy children.


A soldier in Oliver Cromwell’s parliamentarian army and a notorious priest finder. Feared throughout England for his aggression and unwavering devotion to his duty.
Chloe and Tom and The Preserver of Moseley Old Hall